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Sir Dapp

Start clapping and dancing along with the silver-haired Schnauzer Sir Dapp Von Clapp! His clever raps and songs get kids thinking about how kindness and respect can get everyone  living the Golden Rule. (Do you know it?  It’s really cool. Just treat others the way you want to be treated!)


The Dollie

Sir Dapp’s cousin, The Dollie, is multi-talented, combining her love of music with good cheer and great messages for kids. Her delicious gooseberry biscuits will get your tummy rumbling, and her Dollie Blend Tea serves up the perfect cup of – you guessed it—tea!



Duff “Duffie” McDuffie is Sir Dapp’s puppy nephew! He’s learned a lot from his uncle, so he knows the right thing to do, but sometimes he takes a chance and acts a little naughty. When he’s “busted”, Duffie tries to act cool, but the fur on his face “puffs” up like a cotton ball and gives him away every time. “PAW POW!!”

Grumpy Gertrude

Grumpy Gertrude has an opinion about everything, and her pink-lipsticked beak (she doesn’t like to call it a ‘bill’) loves to get into everyone’s business. This goose on the loose waddles the line between right and rude, knowing the right thing to do but eh, sometimes she just doesn’t feel like doing it. HOOOOONK!!!!