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Sir Dapp

This silver-haired Schnauzer never met a sticky situation that couldn’t be resolved with a rap! From good manners, respecting self and others, to the value of the Golden Rule (treat others the way you want to be treated!), Sir Dapp teaches good behavior with a humorous rhythm and rhyming style that kids love. His custom-made sneakers keep the beat while getting listeners grooving in their seat to the music of his band, Sir Dapp & the Paw Prints!


The Dollie

Sir Dapp’s cousin is a multi-talented Yorkie, writing and singing songs for Sir Dapp & the Paw Prints (her “Rainbows” song is amazing!) while sharing her delicious gooseberry biscuits and Dollie Blend tea with family and friends. A true nurturer, The Dollie works to make sure kids have happiness in their hearts every day.



Duff “Duffie” McDuffie is Sir Dapp’s one-and-only puppy nephew! He’s learned a lot about good behavior from his uncle, so he knows the right thing to do, but sometimes he takes a chance and acts a little naughty. When he gets “busted”, Duffie tries to act cool, but the fur on his face “puffs” up like a cotton ball and gives him away every time. Oh well, he IS a puppy! Try shouting out his favorite phrase: “PAW POW!!”

Grumpy Gertrude

The opinionated Grumpy Gertrude has a comfy nest in the eaves of The Dollie’s cottage and gets her pink-lipsticked beak (she doesn’t like to call it a “bill”) into everyone’s business. This goose waddles the line between right and rude, knowing the right thing to do but, eh, sometimes she just doesn’t feel like doing it. She loves biscuits and enjoys her swims (who needs permission?!) in the rooftop water source for Sir Dapp’s home. Give up a HOOOOOONK! for GG!