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The Path to Politeness Starts Here!

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Courtesy
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  • Real-world ​social lessons wrapped around a fun, witty game show!
  • Gets kids thinking about what’s polite, kind, and responsible (or not!)
  • An ad-free safe space where kids will laugh, learn, and grow!

Listen to the music

Sir Dapp’s full-length musical album inspires not only kids, but the whole family to dream big, stand proud, and spread the word about K ‘n’ R – kindness and respect!

Meet the crew

Who knew exploring politeness and courtesy could be so much fun? With Sir Dapp’s family and friends, there’s always a laugh, rap or song involved when exploring the concept of good behavior.


Sir Dapp Crew

Great for teachers and educators

There are serious messages behind the fun in Sir Dapp’s app and musical album, and we have a curriculum (compatible with Casel) and teaching tools to get them delivered! Watch your students respond to the humor-filled lessons…no finger wags here!

Sir dapp gear

Comfy, quality t-shirts with Sir Dapp’s signature lines! Cool hats! Award-winning music that gets the whole family grooving! It’s all here – get it now!