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Comedy! Music! Manners!

P's & Q's still matter! Sir Dapp ditches dry lessons in manners, and puts kids on a learning adventure, game-show style! The "Sir Dapp! Game Show" app for readers ages 5-8 explores laugh-out-loud scenarios of ‘right vs. rude’, the importance of sharing, keeping our world clean, and so much more. No subscriptions, no ads, play now!

Fun Character
Fun Content
Jump In And Play!

It's fun to be a contestant in a fantastical world where consideration, respect and good humor make everyone a winner!

Imagine And Explore

Unexpected scenarios like "Who Did It?" mysteries get kids engaged and thinking about good habits and important social skills!

Fun Categories!

What in the world is Historically Rude? Or Fantastically Rude? With categories like these, and "At The Table" or "Keeping it Clean", kids laugh while they learn essential skills for a variety of social situations.

Polite App
And There's More!

What game show would be complete without little commercial breaks? Kids enjoy funny faux ads and original music videos as they play and learn more about Sir Dapp and his crew of family and friends!